Oh, NFL, you guys really are getting what you deserve.  For the second week in a row, the play of the weekend was not any of the fine football on display but yet another controversial  official’s call, this time the one ruling that Dez Bryant’s amazing acrobatic catch was not a catch.

And this time, the fault is solely on the league.

This rule first came to most folks’ attention opening day a few years back when an amazing acrobatic catch by the Lions’ Calvin Johnson was ruled not a catch and a touchdown negated.  The ensuing analysis revealed that the official’s call, while contrary to any bit of good sense anyone might have, was in fact, correct by league rule.

But of course, rather than fix this horrible rule, the NFL proudly thumbed its nose at the world and, sure enough, a few years later, the NFL’s horse’s ass definition of a “catch” once again ruined a game, this time in the playoffs, and invalidated a great play by one of its best athletes.

I just can’t wait to see what official’s call will be the play of the week next weekend.

This Week’s Sucked And Won

Richard Sherman, CB (SEA).  Sherman was hardly terrible this weekend, but for whatever reason, he struggles against Carolina’s rookie wideout Kelvin Benjamin, who caught 7 passes including 2 touchdowns, accounting for most of the Panthers’ points.  While the rest of the Seattle D was wreaking havoc, Sherman was just treading water.

I had one thought watching the Baltimore/New England game this week, and that was that either of these teams could win it all.  This was clearly the game of the week and the one game where whoever won was likely to keep on winning.

Shocking Realization Of the Week

The Seahawks are the first defending Super Bowl Champion to win a playoff game in the following year since 2005.

In the wake of the Broncos’ loss, Head Coach John Fox and the Denver organization parted ways.  Word is that Fox’s replacement will tell you a lot about the team’s relationship with Peyton Manning, who reportedly loves Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase.  Does he get the top job on the strength of his relationship with the Hall of Fame quarterback?  Stay tuned.

This Week’s Great But Lost

Tony Romo, QB (DAL).  Romo posted a 143.6 passer rating en route to a 15 for 19, two touchdown day.  Only Russell Wilson had a higher rating of any quarterback who played this weekend.

Featured image via Rob Carr/Getty