Football is back and you can see hear the glow on our faces. The ladies of Helmets and Heels kick off their new two-hour show format with a variety of hot topics. But none hit the nerves more than asking if it’s ever ok to get married or attend various weddings during football season.

I’ve written on this topic before so many of you already know where I stand but a few callers weighed in with their own personal stories to share.

Listen to the latest Helmets and Heels below with the breakdown of show highlights just in case you’d like to fast forward to what interests you the most.

Highlights from the show

Intro: Recapping our football studs and duds from the weekend.

10:57 Michigan fan leaves a huge tip for a server at a restaurant and DeflateGate talk with harsh comments from Tom Brady’s dad.

25:29 College GameDay, Amanda talks about new project, Recapping Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech.

36:56 Is it ever ok to get married during football season? And what’s the etiquette for watching games together?

56:04 Continuing the debate if any life event is worth missing for a football game and is Jenn Welter joining Floyd Mayweather’s team.

1:08:00 Previewing the Jaguars first game of the season with our predictions.



Photography by Logan Bowles