Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson saw a little girl holding a sign that said she could get a dog if he scored a goal. So he scored three.

Choosing a dog is a big decision. But choosing a hockey player to help you get a dog is an even bigger decision. And if you want a dog, your best bet is with Columbus Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson. When asked to score at least one goal to get Maddie Wright a dog, Atkinson sure delivered.

Wright was attending Monday’s Columbus Blue Jackets game against the Montreal Canadiens and had been asking her family repeatedly for a dog for her birthday. Her family put a stipulation on her; To get the dog, Wright had to pick one player from either team and have them score one goal to get her wish.

Wright’ choice of Cam Atkinson, one of her favorite players, sure paid off when he scored three goals in the game.

Unfortunately, the hat trick didn’t add up to a number of dogs Maddie was getting but perhaps the biggest surprise of all is how much Atkinson has been involved in this story.

According to the Blue Jackets official site, Atkinson was thrilled to help.

“Atkinson is paying for the adoption and will help the Wrights with whatever they need to get set up with their new family member.”

UPDATE: Just a few days later, Maddie got her dog.

Kudos to the fam for holding on to their end of the bargain and Cam helping out with the adoption costs. Note to other kids: If you want a dog, just follow Maddie’s lead in this.