Here in the South, we pride ourselves in getting dressed up for the college games on Saturday and the pro games on Sunday. An important aspect to getting dressed up is the shoe choice. For most Southerners, the staple footwear isn’t heels or tennis shoes, but good ol’ cowboy boots.

Boots don’t have to be exclusive to the South. Here’s a run down of why you should consider a good pair of boots in your gameday fashion lineup…

They make your legs look incredible

Women wear heels because your legs look great in them. But if you wore those to a football game, you’d get laughed at. Throw on a pair of boots and you get the look of great legs without the mockery.



Boots are durable

Most boots are made of quality leather. While it may be prone to scuffing, you won’t have to worry about a heel breaking or a flip flop busting.



You’re feet won’t look disgusting by the 4th quarter

Wearing boots gets a little warm during the 90 degree games in Florida, but when you can look down at the end of a game and not need to wash your feet in the nearest sink, you’ve done good.


There are even custom team boots

The company Gameday Boots realized the logic in wearing boots to a game and decided to manufacture gameday boots specific to over 70 schools.

Gameday Boots



If someone steps on your foot, you’re unfazed

Being in a crowded place is dangerous when all you have on is a cute pair of sandals. But if you’re wearing boots, you ain’t got no worries.


They can be worn rain or shine, hot or cold

Weather always has to be a determining factor when choosing your gameday outfit. But with boots, you can wear them no matter what the weather report says.