We’ve been pretty vocal of our displeasure of the NFL’s decision to ban purses. And although teams like the Eagles planning to hand out clear purses to all season ticket holders is a nice gesture, I can’t help but think of ways to get around this rule.

Most of us groan at the thought of buying a clear bag but if you want to avoid carrying a Ziploc bag around for your gameday essentials, here are a few options you might consider to get around this new “safety” rule…

Buy clear bag, put your regular purse inside of it

NFL doesn’t say anything about what can go IN the clear bag. So we can just take our regular purses and put them in the clear bag, right?

purse ban


Big Ass Cargo Pants

Because a purse is less dangerous than pants with 15 pockets. #NFLlogic

purse ban

Buy this jacket

It has 37 pockets. At least.

purse ban


If it’s too hot for a jacket, buy this big ass vest

purse ban


If you don’t feel like carrying anything, strap this Porta Pocket to your leg

purse ban


The NFL hates fanny packs so get this Boobypack instead

When the fanny pack is banned, leave it to women to stuff their bras with as much stuff as possible. But anything that makes your boobs bigger while not having to carry around your stuff sounds like a win/win solution to me.

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