Halloween treats are more than just candy apples and individually wrapped pieces of candy. Surprise your guests this year with these frightfully delicious Halloween treats.

Frightfully Delicious Halloween Treats

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats for people of all ages. Just as the chill starts to settle into the air, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in some of the season’s traditional tastes like pumpkin and cinnamon. And though kids usually collect the most sweets on their trick-or-treating trails, being an adult doesn’t mean you have to deny your sweet tooth a little satisfaction. Here are some frightfully delicious Halloween treats to give a shot at this year’s costume party.


Witch Finger Cookies

Need a hand? These witch finger cookies will get you more than you bargained for! Sure to creep out the kids, these sugar cookies are actually quite easy to make. Combine sugar, egg, butter, almond extract and vanilla in a bowl to create the cookies. Roll into a finger-like shape and top the edge off with a split almond. The, use melted chocolate to make for ghoulish nail beds. See the full recipe here.


Jell-O Blood Worms

This yummy treat is sure to satisfy, if it doesn’t make you squirm first! Blend gelatin, whipping cream and food coloring, and pour over 100 flexible plastic straws. Let chill in refrigerator for at least 8 hours before gently pulling the “worms” out of the straws. Serve to those with a strong stomach. See the full recipe here.


Mummy Cookie Balls

Bring your taste buds back to life with this simple and delicious treat. Simply mix cream cheese and finely crushed Oreo cookies or Golden Oreo cookies, then dip them in white chocolate and refrigerate for 1 hour. Use remaining chocolate to dress the mummies in their standard gauze strips, and top with other sweet treats such as chocolate chips for the eyeballs. See the full recipe here.


Brownie Coffins

Well these would be a sweet resting place! Prepare brownies as directed on the box and cut them into eight coffin-shaped pieces. Using frosting and food coloring to carefully pipe the outside of the “coffin” and write various sayings, such as “RIP.” Serve to those not yet six feet under. See the full recipe here.


Marshmallow Witches

Witches have never been so sweet! This Halloween treat is super easy to make and combines some of the best Halloween sweets. Using miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips and jumbo marshmallows, make the base for you witch face. Top the marshmallow with a chocolate wafer cookie, peanut butter cup and Hershey’s kiss, then round the edges with green and/or orange frosting. These witches are sure to fly off the plate. See the full recipe here.


Deviled Spider Eggs

Who knew deviled eggs could look so evil? This classic treat is sure to get a few guests’ skin crawling. Simply fill hard-boiled eggs with a whip of prepared mustard, mayonnaise, bacon, and thinly sliced green onions. Then, for the spooky twist, cut pitted black olives lengthwise and place on top of the egg. Better get one while you can, this treat is sure to crawl away fast. See the full recipe here.


By Lana Evans, GuysGirl Contributor

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