Two years ago, I wrote the most personal story I’ve ever written about a failed relationship. And up until recently, I avoided writing any personal stories since.

Why? Because after I wrote it, I became the target of a malicious woman who faked a friendship with me to get back at a mutual ex boyfriend.

How did she do it? Let me tell ya a story…

She Stalked My Social Media Profiles

As the meme suggests, sometimes bitches be crazy and there’s nothing you can do about it. And they will use everything you’ve ever posted online to feel like they know you.

I caught this woman creeping on my various social media profiles by what I posted and the messaging associated with it. Because the GuysGirl team avoids posting the same mundane information to each of our social media accounts, it was easy to conclude she had found my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of which to gather information on me thus making it easier to fake our friendship.

She was sloppy though, because one of the other networks she used to scout me was LinkedIn and well, they show who looks at your profile.

She created Fake Text messages between us

After publishing the article that started it all, I got a less-than-pleasant call from my ex condemning the entire story. He said it was all lies, tell the whole story, yada yada yada. He may be delusional, but he’s not a bad guy so I continued to listen as he spouted BS that only justified why I broke it off years ago and haven’t looked back since.

He went on to explain that he “found out” I was cheating on him the entire time we were together and he had the proof. Since I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life, I asked him for the proof out of curiosity. This is when my jaw hit the floor because he sent me screenshots of text messages I’ve never seen but had my name on it as if I had sent them.

At first I thought this was a planned exchanged between the girl and someone else she knew. I assumed they created the conversation and then sent him the screenshots. But because I use Google for nearly everything, I searched “How to fake text messages” which brings up MILLIONS of results.

One of those results includes this website which is ONE OF MANY where you can customize everything from your battery life, time, date, service provider and yes, conversations.

fake text messages

After you enter whatever incriminating information you can think of, the website will send you an image of that conversation as if it was a screenshot taken directly from your phone.

When I made the discovery, I sent my ex the link and never got another fake screenshot again.

She sent Fake Emails…to herself

It takes all of 5 minutes to create a Gmail address. And this chick created one for herself and one for “me” to demonstrate all the times we spent gossiping about our mutual ex.

But when she took the screenshots of our faked email communications, she forgot to avoid the “Welcome to Gmail” introductory email from her screenshot.

She Made Up Elaborate Stories

To be fair, my ex and I spent nearly 7 years together so he would occasionally call and we’d share a quick ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘how’s the family’ chat. But after this fiasco, it got to the point where he would call and my first statement wouldn’t be hello, it would be “No, I haven’t talked to her. We have never talked. We are not friends. I’ve never met this chick. Does that cover all of your questions?”

But since he was clearly addicted to the P, he continued to listen to her crazy stories.

One of those stories included me at a party where I slept with not one but two guys named Mike. And she found out about it because her good friend Kiwi walked in on us in the middle of the act.


My first reaction was to laugh because, Kiwi, really? She couldn’t come up with a better name than that?

It was like the scene out of Family Guy where Peter attempts to come up with a fake name within seconds. And even he did a better job than this chick.

She Made a Free Website

Using images she found on a quick Google search, this chick also went as far as to make her own Blogspot website. Because Blogspot websites are free, it’s fairly easy to throw together a quick website and pass it off as legitimate information. She used images of myself, her and our mutual ex all over the website calling herself his “wife” and it even included a selfie he took with the words “Will you marry me?” and the date of the image.

Besides the weirdo factor, the website still exists to this day with regular updates. Thankfully any images of me were removed by her own doing but it’s also clear she’s made someone else her new target.

There was also another instance where she created a fake profile of another women my ex dated and would comment with that profile on specific articles I would cover on GuysGirl. She commented with personal information only a select few would know and when I would delete one comment, another one would come up.

When I first saw them, I was incredibly annoyed because I thought this was another crazy chick I’d have to deal with. But after a little digging on IP locations of where the comments were stemming from, I found out it was the same crazy girl using loads of information she only knew to paint a bad picture of every woman the ex has dated.


How I Handled It

With someone who you believe may be stalking you and borderline obsessed with everything you do, you have to take certain precautions. Because GuysGirl Media is an LLC, I have to list certain information online that’s available to the public. After this situation, I updated all of my important information online to a safe location and deleted anything else that wasn’t legally required.  I also spoke with legal council about a possible restraining order but decided in the end to just ignore her and see if she goes away.

To this day I have received only one email communication from her (sent through a contact form) and a couple Facebook messages to which I’ve ignored both. While this might not work for everyone, I haven’t had an issue in nearly a year.

But it is a little scary how much we reveal online. So if you want some tips on making your social media private, check out this article on GuysGirl where we covered just that.