Did you know your favorite Ninja Turtle can reveal insight into your personality and group of friends?

Almost everyone who was born in the 80’s can easily name their favorite Ninja Turtle at the drop of a hat. But according to the team over at Cracked, your favorite turtle reveals personality traits you carry as well as your group of close friends in relation to the turtles.

In the video, four friends are sitting around grabbing a bite to eat who start discussing the famous cartoon and start to compare TMNT to other foursomes such as Sex and the City, Scooby Doo, Seinfeld, The Beatles, and The Fantastic Four.

An important quote they make in the video, which I have never really thought about until now is that everyone has a similar favorite GI Joe (Snake Eyes), Xmen (Wolverine) and Power Ranger (Green-then White Ranger). But everybody picks a different turtle based on who they connect with the most. Who knew a conversation about cartoons could be so damn insightful?

So how do the Ninja Turtle personalities measure up?

Leonardo: ambitious, honor bound and loyal

Donatello: shy, pragmatic, nerd and would have sex with electronics

Michelangelo: impulsive, reckless and hilarious

Raphael: introvert, sometimes bad attitude, cool, sensitive


My favorite comparison is the Sex and the City reference which each character was compared to their turtle personality.

Carrie is Donatello,

Charlotte is Leonardo

Miranda is Raphael

Samantha is Michelangelo.


Watch the full video below–which is well worth your time.


Editor’s Note: This was originally published in 2015 but spruced up in 2022