We told you a few weeks ago about the new fan theory suggesting the hated Jar Jar Binks was intended to be a Sith Lord when the Star Wars prequels were initially released. The theory sent shock waves throughout the expanded universe and hinted perhaps director George Lucas wasn’t so delusional all along.

That fan theory has now been put to video and with the added scene-by-scene breakdown, I’m much more convinced this was the intended story line all along.

Now, as with any theory, there are a few holes. But it is interesting how Jar Jar and Yoda are perceived initially in their franchises but only one of them lived in an age where the voices from fans are significantly louder and can clearly have an affect on a movie franchise. Which could also be why Jar Jar was all but written out of the final two prequel movies in favor of Dooku, whom we knew very little about.

While there are still flaws within the theory, knowing what could have been makes The Phantom Menace actually enjoyable to watch regardless if this theory never turns out to be valid.

Just a few weeks away, my friends.


Featured image via Star Wars Wiki