The world collectively shuddered under the chill of Adele’s new song “Hello” last week. Tweets began to flood my timeline and I immediately took to Youtube to view the long awaited arrival of “Hello”.

I’ve never truly been on the Adele bandwagon. She’s an incredibly talented artist, but I’ve never felt that connection with her music that I feel with other artists.

The debut of the newest single off her upcoming album “25” may have changed my stubborn mind.

The British singer hasn’t released a music video since 2011, and it’s obviously what the world was clamoring for. Within the first 24 hours of its release it shattered Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” record with 27.7 million views. It’s genuinely an incredible return to music and opens the door for what will be a highly anticipated album. Viewers of the British X Factor got a sneak peak of the song when a snippet was played during a commercial break, and needless to say, people went a tad bananas.

Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stone writes:

“It was a great marketing idea,” Adele told Apple Music of the mysterious ad that quickly exploded virally, adding that since she doesn’t manage her own social media accounts – she fears writing something stupid – she just “humbly” watched the reaction on Twitter. “It’s been a very slow process for me. I’ve been sitting on an album for quite a while, keeping everything secret,” Adele said of her relief following the “Hello” commercial’s arrival.”

Not only has the video been viewed 71 million times, people are dissecting every moment of it, including the use of the flip phones by the artist herself and her co-star, Tristian Wilds, from The Wire. It’s beautifully filmed and will definitely leave you feeling some type of way.

I, for one, look forward to jamming out on some new tunes from one of music’s biggest goddesses. Her songs surely will tell a story of where she is in life now, although I think we’re all more curious as to how she gets those brows so amazingly on fleek.

“I feel like the idea of calling the albums after my age is sort of like taking a photograph of my life,” the now 27-year-old Adele told Apple Music. “The magnitude of stuff that’s happened” at 25 – including the birth of her son – informed the record.

However, this will be the last Adele album to bear a number as its title. “25 is the perfect age to end the albums named after my age.”