Most nerds are aware of Director cameos in their infamous movies. Guys like Stan Lee are practically known for it while others may not be aware that Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson has done the same in all of his Tolkien movies. And just recently, Jackson revealed his unrecognizable cameo in the Hobbit that was made available to the internet by redditor chimpwithalimp.

[SPOILER ALERT] In the Hobbit when the Dwarves are forced to flee Erebor, you can see Jackson dressed as a dwarf running from the city dressed in full makeup and costume. Jackson said he filmed the scene a couple days before shooting for all three films ended. And when asked why he chose an unrecognizable dwarf, Jackson responded with “There weren’t any human characters in this film, and there weren’t any hobbits roles I could play… and I’m not an elf.”

After his scene was finished, Jackson expressed how “horrified” he was with how uncomfortable the costume was. And that if he had known this at the beginning of shooting, he might “have been easier on shooting with the Dwarves” than what he apparently was. Thank god he wasn’t because as someone who has seen it three times, the man is a friggin’ genius.

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Peter Jackson’s cameos in The Lord Of The Rings by dm_506ca29478bf1