We are just a little over a week awake from one of the most anticipated films of our lifetime and as such, more and more footage is being released worldwide to include a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Chinese trailer with previously unseen footage.

favorite moments from Star Wars: The force Awakens Chinese trailer:

-The line “We need a pilot” followed up by “We already have one” as they cut to Han and Chewbacca.

-Han’s familiar banter with his beloved Millennium Falcon saying “Come on, baby, don’t let me down.” Han, I would never let you down.

-Kylo Ren’s voice coupled with his lightsaber sound effects are more intimidating than Vader ever was. Yeah, I said it.

-When Rey says to BB-8, “Classified? Me too.” Does this all but confirm she’s a child from the previous regime?

-Much more war footage was shown in this trailer vs. the Japanese trailer released a few weeks ago.

-Hearing Harrison Ford call someone “kid” will never, ever get tiresome.

-How does this new footage tie in with this suspected plot breakdown? (Obviously, don’t click that if you’re not into potential spoilers…)

-At the end the Millennium Falcon crashes into the snow. What happens next?! WHAT HAPPENS NEXTTTTTTTT???

At this late in the game, this movie has been marketed brilliantly. In a time where movie script leaks and camera phones shots of the set are are commonplace, fans have zero clue what to expect when the movie finally drops. In fact, the only thing we can be certain of is this movie will live up to the incredibly high expectations already set by a fanatical and obsessive fan base.

My word, my body is so ready.