Star Wars love knows no bounds. Check out this mom who paints a Rey mural in her daughter’s room and let’s just say, she kinda liked the surprise. 

The love of Star Wars is usually passed down from a parent and this mom is no different. From an early age, Emily Rose told BuzzFeed her daughter gravitated towards Star Wars.

mom paints rey daughter's room


After seeing The Force Awakens, Rose said her daughter, like many other girls, gravitated towards the character Rey:

“Here was a young girl learning to use the Force like a Jedi, and flying the Millennium Falcon, and shooting a blaster,” she said. “It was amazing, and I was happy she loved Rey, and that she could imagine herself as the hero of the story.”

But as we’ve covered the lack of Rey merchandise available at retailers, Rose chose instead to give her daughter something unique by surprising her with a mural painted on her bedroom wall.

Upon seeing it, Rose said her daughter began hugging the wall and reading Star Wars stories to the newest addition to her room.

After the initial 5-minutes of excitement, her daughter threw on a Rey costume and began explaining to her cousin the importance of Rey and Star Wars:

Never mess with a girl in a Rey costume who owns a lightsaber and already has the finger wave down.

Kudos to Rose for filling a void left in the marketplace for little girls who gravitate towards female heroines. We need more parents who teach their children to dream and explore because fandom can be so very important in how our lives are shaped.

H/T Nerdist