Tez Gelmir may win the “Father of the Year” award for building his daughter a replica 74-Z Speeder Bike rocking chair from Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

As a present her first birthday, Glemar set out to document the project in a full DIY guide you can find on Instructables and said:

“For the most part, the facade of the speeder is based on the original concept drawing for the movie prop I found on the net, while using photos of ultra high quality scale models to fill in the gaps. Customizing the design to suit its purpose as a child’s rocker (sturdy with no small breakable parts). My first consideration was strength and stability for the safety of the little ones, as though this project is for my 1-year-old, I also have a 5-year-old who no doubt will want a turn. The need to be strong enough to handle a beating led me to the first part of my design, a rigid backbone with a solid plywood top for the seat platform. This gave me a good foundation for things like the handles and outrigger to mount from, and somewhere to fix the 3D printed hull shell.”

The finished product includes LED lights, sound effects and the cutest baby Leia you’ve ever seen.

So, whether this girl is zooming around on the forest moon of Endor, or just rocking back and forth on the backyard deck of her house, it’s pretty safe to say she has the coolest dad ever.

Check out the video below and feel jealous your dad wasn’t this awesome…