Every sporting circle has its share of rumours, but fans occasionally hear a whisper that holds a measure of truth. There have been many European superstars moving to play in the U.S and recent buzz has fans placing free bets on the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney heading to Los Angeles and the new Los Angeles FC.

If tabloid reports are correct, Los Angeles FC has a particularly sharp eye on Cristiano Ronaldo. Word is that Wayne Rooney also holds a place on the club’s wish list. Although Los Angeles FC is not scheduled to play until 2018, fans might have valid cause to believe in this round of rumors. There is also other evidence that Ronaldo is considering the move.


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Some of the talk circulating is that Ronaldo has expressed a wish to play in the Los Angeles area. Sports Illustrated has been reporting on Ronaldo’s preference since April of 2015, and that makes free betting on his arrival a real temptation. Less compelling evidence has been found regarding Rooney’s desire to play in Los Angeles. Articles have confirmed that he does enjoy the area as a vacation destination, but that is the extent of definitive proof about his inclinations.

Los Angeles FC preparations thus far include a new stadium, the location of which is currently home to the Los Angeles Sports Arena. When the arena is demolished, building of the new structure will begin. The land will feature the stadium, a conference centre, a museum, a training field and restaurants. The project is expected to come with a price tag of $250 million. The first real snag, however, was the bureaucratic entanglement that eventually pushed the scheduled 2017 debut to 2018. Fortunately, the delay seems to have done little to dampen excitement surrounding the formation of the club and the building of its infrastructure.

With plans for the stadium underway, fans will certainly be enthusiastic when it comes to news regarding the club’s roster. Free betting tips circulate with the same frequency as talk of the stellar accomplishments of superstars such as Ronaldo and Rooney. Interest in their talents will naturally reach a fever pitch, particularly as the time approaches for ending old contracts and signing new ones. Rooney’s current deal keeps him at Manchester United until June of 2019. With Ronaldo’s Real Madrid contract ending in 2018, though, murmurs are likely to evolve into rumbles.


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Combined with physical abilities that defy his height, Rooney’s versatility and energy make him as effective as he is exhilarating to watch. His stamina and dominance as a goal scorer are undeniable. But injuries have occasionally hampered his speed. His aggressive demeanor at times can be a cause of criticism from some fans, but it might be a point of interest for others.

Gifted with a strategic mind for the game, Ronaldo possesses skills that MLS fans are certain to covet. Game devotees in Los Angeles would naturally be appreciative of his talent. His height, agility, and stamina complement his tactical prowess. His work ethic allows him to harness his abilities and convert them to goals. Fans will be hesitant to ignore free bets that involve Ronaldo’s brilliant style of play.

The idea of either player coming to Los Angeles is enough to generate enthusiasm in the sport. The prospect of Los Angeles FC landing both of the stars should fuel imaginations for quite a while. Some of the more pessimistic chatter places these rumours in the realm of pure fantasy, the stuff of comic books and mythological creatures. With the reality of staggering profits at stake, however, it would be a mistake to dismiss the possibility outright.

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