We’ve all had those late nights with those shoes we knew would cause us to make the gross decision to walk barefoot to your car rather than just wear comfortable clothes in the first place.

Well it now seems that some people are starting to take notice of the disgusting habit by putting ballet flats vending machines that dispense roll up shoes to those girls suffering from the “beauty is pain” epidemic.

From Gizmodiva:

“Ashley Ross and Lindsay Klimitz of Las Vegas bought the rights to manufacture and distribute Rollasole flats in clubs across the U.S. The shoes come out of the machine rolled up in a plastic cup. All the flats are made up of recyclable materials. The duo is planning on expanding the collection to include a selection of flats that feature gold studs, rhinestones, polka dots, and leopard print.”

Personally I’ve bought a pair of these and when you have them, they’re a God send. Though you can feel every rock on the ground (because the bottom of the flat is almost nothing) it’s still a little better than walking on a road in Vegas barefoot. (though the Casino floors in Vegas are amazingly clean-don’t ask me how I know that)

The girls have three machines in Vegas right now and bar managers state women are staying up to 40 minutes longer at each location just because of the shoes.

$20 shoes that help women stay at the bar long = more men spending money for a longer amount of time trying to get a girl home.

It’s win-win for everyone, especially the mid-20’s entrepreneurs who have plans to expand nationally.