Women are tasked with the impossible standards of being able to do it all and look good all at the same time. So during a debate on ‘Helmets and Heels,’ I was taken back by the reactions of my cohosts who frowned upon girls who wear makeup to the gym.

Now, wearing makeup isn’t a requirement. But 99 percent of my workouts occur on my lunch breaks during the week or while I’m out running errands. It wouldn’t cross my mind to wash my face and then take extra time to reapply just to go back to work. And I damn sure wouldn’t wash my face just to make a perfect stranger feel better about themselves. Call me crazy but I don’t typically think about what other people are doing while I’m lifting—I’m there to get a solid work out in and appreciate the aesthetics of the people around me in between reps.

But my cohosts were completely against women who wear makeup or felt the need to upgrade their own wardrobe because of how other women look. One of them even stated they would kick another woman off the treadmill because she didn’t think they were there to workout! Side note: I dare someone to kick me off a machine just because I have makeup on. 

You can hear our full debate in the video above and let us know on Twitter if what others look like at the gym affect your workout.

PS: Here’s the graphic I mentioned on the show. Feels appropriate 😉



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