Will the Jaguars sing the Motown blues against Matt Stafford’s Lions?

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Hosts: Blythe Brumleve, Tony Smith and Lauren Brooks.


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Keys to the Game

Detroit is very similar to the Jaguars in that they both have terrible run games and they’ve gone into a 4th quarter trailing their opponent. But QB Matt Stafford has the leadership and confidence to battle back for his team vs someone like Blake Bortles who has a knack for starting and finishing games by throwing interceptions.

These teams have both promoted coaches midseason to offensive coordinator but Detroit’s Jim Bob Cooter is one of the few examples where that change has actually worked. Nothing in the NFL matters more than the turnover battle and he along with head coach Jim Caldwell have given up only 6 while the Jaguars rank near the bottom in creating turnovers with a minus 14 margin.

Whoever wins the turnover battle will cover the spread 77 percent of the time and Detroit is favored in this game by 6 and a half:

On Colin Cowherd’s show he had Vegas better RJ Bell on and he said no other number matters more in the NFL than the turnover battle because they’ll cover the spread 77 percent of the time. Turnovers have a huge amount of luck involved thus if a team has a negative margin and a decent record you tend to think the team is better and the margin will even itself out.

13 teams have a net turnover margin so far this year of -2 or worse. Only two of them that have a winning record: Giants and Texans.

Some fans might point to the theory that the Jaguars could catch Detroit looking ahead towards their Thanksgiving game against division rival Vikings…. but Detroit A) is used to playing this game every year, B)they started the season 1-3 so they know their margin of error is very slime plus coming off a bye week so they’ve had ample time to prepare.

Jaguars lack of effort?

We’re at the point in the season where it’s all about talent evaluation in preparation for the next few seasons. Realistically we won’t be able to do that until we have a new regime in Jacksonville, I’m not going to fault these guys if they give up on the rest of the season at this point.

Of course, from a pride perspective, you don’t want to see that but if I’m a player in the NFL, the team, fans and league aren’t thinking of my financial future. And I have to protect my money and one way I do that is by protecting my health and collecting a paycheck. So I’m not entirely sure we can correctly evaluate that talent that’s been in a losing culture for a few years now. Which makes me wonder if this season is emblematic of a problem we’ll have to deal with for years to come.


When your team has been losing for as long as the Jaguars, it becomes a thing where you point the finger at other external factors: Everything from Gus Bradley’s participation trophy coaching style to Blake Bortles personal life has all been in play since the Jaguars haven’t lived up to offseason expectations.


But this year feels very different than years in the past. Four players have called out the same fan base who gave up a home game to London and organizes massive away trips by questioning their dedication. Fans fought for this team to stay in Jacksonville after the 2009 blacked out season and now we have to hear fight songs for opposing teams and see their merchandise being sold in EverBank. It’s BS.

I said this the other day on the GuysGirl Show, but it’s this sentiment and constant losing that has many fans theorizing the next generation of fans won’t be as forgiving and will find better ways to use their time and money. Florida is a unique state in that people have various entertainment options for their time. And you’ve got to be able to compete with that.


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-‘Outside the 904’ with  Jerry Mallory of the Detroit Sports Podcast to talk Lions game day culture and on the field expectations.

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