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The Jaguars going down 0-2 on the season may or may not have caused the biggest debate of the young football season so far. No, the biggest debate was not about firing head coach Gus Bradley. Though we get into that around the 23-minute mark.

But our hottest debate centered around if morals should come into play when hiring a head coach like Bobby Petrino.  We also debate if you should wear skimpy clothes on SEC game days.



INTRO– God, this Jaguars team may be the death of me.

11:02– Studs and Duds of the week

23:33– Should Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley be fired?

47:47– SEC girls and their skimpy clothes on game day

55:14– Our big Bobby Petrino debate

71:46– Fighting at football games and Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl


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