On the latest GuysGirl Show, we discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars angering their diehard fanbase by selling opposing team merchandise inside the stadium. But this isn’t the first time they’ve catered to away teams in hopes of making some extra cash.

PLUS– Kate Upton standing up for her Cy Young-less boyfriend, Harvard’s soccer team getting suspended over something ridiculous, Kellogg’s cinnamon frosted flakes, Nintendo news, Fantastic Beasts AND MOAR.

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Time stamps apply to the audio file of the GuysGirl Show but should also be a good estimate if you’re watching the video instead.

ICYMI- Thursday night games where Louisville’s playoff hopes were crushed

05:29- Jaguars selling opposing team merchandise inside the stadium and where to call and complain about it.

20:26- Harvard’s soccer team gets suspended because they were ranking women based off attractiveness and the ladies of Helmets and Heels got a little heated about it. (Periscope link of the discussion live occurs around the 34:35 minute mark)

27:14- Kate Upton won’t take your shit

40:16- Fantastic Beasts, Kellogg’s new cinnamon cereal, Nintendo and more.


More stuff mentioned during the show:

Vegas rankings have LSU as 3rd best team in the country

Conor McGregor’s historic night for the UFC

The 2016 Texans are the worst 6-3 team since the 1936 Steelers

Isla Fisher May Have Just Confirmed Wedding Crashers 2


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