Insightful or funny fantasy football team names have no reflection on how your actual team will perform. But as football fans sit around awaiting football season, picking a quality team name is one of the first things we do to signify that football season is close.

Over the years, I’ve seen players use their real names or the same name they’ve always used. This is boring. What you should do is come up with a custom name that’s somewhat relevant to the current season.

You can never go wrong with funny names, so here are some of the top names and websites to help you come up with that perfect fantasy football team name…

  • The Boldin The Beautiful
  • Orton Hears a Boo
  • Jamaal Me Maybe
  • The Walking Fred
  • My Bironas
  • DeMarco Polo
  • Breaking Brady
  • Jersey Leshoure
  • Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself
  • Welcome to the Joeckel
  • The Hurt Locker
  • Good Morning Viet-Nnamdi
  • Cromartie McFly
  • Hernandez’s Hitmen
  • Asomugha-to-mouth
  • Don’t be Haden on me
  • Sacks and the City
  • Two Girls One Kaep
  • Weeden the Brownies
  • Victor Cruzin’ USA
  • My Fair Brady
  • Medulla Amendola
  • The Luckness Monster
  • Henne Boo Boo
  • Popped a Collie Im Sweatin’
  • King of the Tannehill

Don’t like any of those?

Well head on over to a website that will automatically generate a fantasy football team name for you. You can either pick from a couple predefined terms or hit the “I’m feeling lucky” to have one automatically generated for you.

The popular Fantasy Football advice site FF Toolbox also does the same thing but lists a variety of answers based on your selected choice.

If you’d like to go for the funny names that play on relevant players in the league right now, Fantasy Team Names is perfect for you. This site has ideas for all sports fantasy leagues and has a ranking system where visitors can vote on their favorites; making it easy to see the best ones of the day, week or all time.