August is one of the biggest months of the year for fantasy football leagues as millions around the world are preparing for another season of NFL action.

While daily fantasy leagues are becoming more and more popular, a lot of people still play in a season format. That puts a lot of focus on the draft and the serious leagues have their own live drafts.

For those in charge of hosting, just how do you turn the draft into one great party for all the owners involved?

It might seem a bit weird to those who don’t participate in fantasy football leagues, but this is a big deal. The focus needs to be on the actual draft, but there needs to be some fun involved as well.

The most obvious move is to treat this like a Super Bowl party in some ways, with the event being the draft instead of the game.

Food is always the most important thing for any fantasy football draft party.

Dust off those recipes and try to remember what people loved during the Super Bowl, because chances are they want more of that.

Buffalo wings, pizza, chips and beer are pretty much staples at most football get-togethers, but also try to think outside the box. A simple search for unique Super Bowl foods online (buffalo chicken dip anyone?) can spice things up a bit.

Fantasy drafting is mostly done on computer or large draft board but the actual process can be a bit boring.

Add some comfortable seating.

Every single player has their own methods, so having a layout allowing everyone to relax is extremely important. Be sure to also have plenty of seating arrangements available. Space at a table is nice, but maybe some would rather sit on a couch or chair.

The worst mistake a host can make is not having enough seating, so be sure to do a head count to in case any spouses and stragglers tag along to watch the draft.

One last thing to remember is to avoid stressing out.

After all, playing fantasy football is supposed to be fun. There are no winners or losers after the draft, no matter what an owner tries to say. The NFL can be extremely unpredictable, so a team can look good on paper in August and terrible by October.

Chances are, most of the same people at this party will be back for the Super Bowl. Treat this as the official kick off of the football season and enjoy the ride.