Every fantasy season, many make the mistake of picking up a quarterback with a lot of hype surrounding them, such as RGIII or Johnny Manziel, and ignore the quarterbacks who they should really be taking.

Don’t make that mistake this fantasy season.

Let’s take a look at the most valuable fantasy quarterbacks for 2014…

Peyton Manning – The Denver Broncos


Was there ever any doubt that Peyton Manning would be at the top of this list?

Last season, the increasingly older quarterback blew away the competition with potentially the best NFL season by a quarterback, ever.

Next season, this shouldn’t be any different as you can expect Manning to again dominate. The team around him is just too good for him to fail.

WR Wes Welker, RB Knowshon Moreno, RB Monte Ball, TE Julius Thomas, and the rest of the squad will all be back this season. And you can rest assured knowing that Manning will be integrating them into the pass game as much as ever.

Obviously, the biggest issue for Manning, according to most analysts, will be the loss of WR Eric Decker.

Last year, Decker and Manning were absolutely amazing together; however, his loss will not affect Manning’s fantasy numbers.

In order to replace Decker, the Broncos have signed WR Emmanuel Sanders, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sanders is amazing. His down-field skills, raw speed, and physicality are much greater than Eric Decker’s and after a full offseason working with Manning, there’s no doubt that he will be fill this void perfectly.

Expect Manning to continue where he left off last season; any maybe even be a little bit better.


Aaron Rodgers – The Green Bay Packers


Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation, and he should never be overlooked.

Last season, Rodgers’ fantasy output was minimized because of a collarbone injury; however, he has fully recovered and shouldn’t miss a beat in 2014.

Rodgers has always been a player to thrive regardless of his supporting cast, and next season will be no different.

With WR James Jones, Rodgers will have the deep threat hill will need to rack up yards, and with TE Jordy Nelson, he will have the physical goal line player that he will undoubtedly go to on short and goal plays.

The Packers have started integrating the running game into their play books more, leaving fantasy owners worried about Rodgers’ potential; however, they are still a pass first team and no one should be concerned.


Andrew Luck – The Indianapolis Colts


The pick of QB Andrew luck as number three on this list might be surprising to some; however, it shouldn’t be.

Luck is one of the fasting rising quarterbacks in the NFL and he’s poised to break out next season.

Last season, Luck had an impressive regular season and was close to making it to the conference finals before he was stopped by the great Tom Brady.

Next season, on top of the receivers he played with last year, Luck will also have WR Reggie Wayne back in the Colts line up, which will undoubtedly boost his yards and TD passes.

Expect him to have a great fantasy season.


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