Every year I get into the same argument, “What Christmas movie is better: Home Alone or A Christmas Story?”

The simple answer has and always will be, Home Alone.

I don’t care about the tradition of watching A Christmas Story while it plays for 24 hours.

I care about laughter. And for that reason alone, the first and second edition of Home Alone will always beat out A Christmas Story as my favorite holiday movie.

So in order to prove my argument, check out the following reasons why Home Alone will always be a staple in my house…

The Marv Scream

There are many screams in many movies, but few top this as the “Best Scream Ever”.


The Music

The music from any movie can make or break it. And in Home Alone, the iconic and easily recognizable music is key to the franchise’s success for so long.


Angels with Filthy Souls

Leave it to Home Alone to make us wish a fictional gangster movie was real.


It went so well in the first Home Alone, that they added another “scene from the movie”


The Talk Boy

Try to tell me you didn’t want one of these as a kid. TRY!


The Traps

Any kid watching these movies probably got into trouble a few times by attempting to recreate a Kevin-inspired trap. The genius in these traps are that most of them can be recreated in your own home. Which also unfortunately led to many punishments.