The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) dropped the hammer on Nick Diaz, handing him a five-year suspension for drug use.

Five years. FIVE YEARS.

They are not playing around anymore. Diaz failed a post-fight drug test, testing positive for marijuana. Weed can be considered a performance enhancer in the world of combat sports. Really.

With the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspending Nick Diaz’s fighting license for five years, he cannot have an official MMA match for the duration of the suspension.

Little known secret is that I can read minds. So I know your next question is “Why can’t he just fight?” or “Can’t he just fight for another organization?”

Well, I am glad you asked loyal reader!

Nick Diaz in under contract with the UFC, so he cannot fight for another MMA promotion. Quite frankly, another MMA promotion cannot pay him as much as the UFC currently does. And secondly, because of Nevada’s role as a center for combat sports, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is regarded as the preeminent state athletic commission in the United States. The UFC is headquartered in Las Vegas, so they are undoubtedly the judge, jury, and executioner.

Diaz tested positive for marijuana use in Nevada in both 2007 and 2012 and failed to appear for a test in 2009. This certainly played a crucial role in the suspension.

“We had an athlete that came before us in 2007 and he promised, ‘I’m not going to do this ever again,”‘ commissioner Pat Lundvall said. “Then we saw him again in 2012, and we know that he failed to show for a drug test then in 2009. We’re now in 2015, and it doesn’t appear that any of these proceedings have had an impact on the athlete, and it doesn’t appear that the athlete is afforded the respect that this commission and the opportunity and the privilege for him to fight in the state then affords.”

Diaz is a well-rounded, aggressive, push-the-pace fighter that is generally is comfortable wherever the fight ends up. It is very unfortunate because Nick Diaz is a fan favorite and one of the more entertaining fighters in the UFC. He will be missed in the UFC by hardcore fans. And with his age playing a huge factor when his suspension ends (he’ll be 37 if he decides to fight again) one has to wonder if this remarkable career is over.

To recap: “Kids, don’t do drugs. No matter what you think about marijuana.”