The New York Mets are in the World Series for the first time since 2000. They’ve relied on some timely hitting but mostly a very solid pitching staff that was able to shut down the Cub’s big hitters. With the Royals vs. Blue Jays set for Game 6 in the ALDS on Friday night, which team is a better matchup for New York?

I think the answer is somewhat easy, but unlikely to happen at this stage. It’s Toronto. First off the bullpen of the Royals is extremely tough. Herrera, Davis and Hochevar have been great all postseason.

If Kansas City makes it past its starting rotation, which has been hittable, it’s tough to hit the bullpen. They types of hitters the Royals have verse the Blue Jays is another factore. Players like Zobrist, Escobar and even Morales don’t depend on power constantly.

Yes, Toronto has their times as well, but they’re mostly a home run team, just like the Chicago Cubs were. And what stops power hitting is power pitching and that’s what the Mets have in Degrom, Harvey and Syndergaard. Their bullpen is made to shut down teams like Toronto as well.

Unfortunately, it will take a big comeback for the Mets to get Toronto, but the Blue Jays did just win three straight to overtake the Rangers. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility.