Talk about a creepy flashback. Sports Illustrated first debuted this picture featuring Alex Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria, Alex Rodriguez, Rey Ordonez and Derek Jeter in a 1997 article dubbed Long on Shortstops.

Reading back on that article, it has a few lines in it that you could only laugh at now. One in which Alex Rodriguez says to Jeter “”C’mon with me to New York, DJ. Cindy’s going to be there. Cindy Crawford!”

And another sentence where you can tell Jeter has never liked Arod in which Jeter reluctantly agrees to play Arod in a game of H-O-R-S-E because Arod says “Let’s see what you’ve got”.

It’s a great read for anyone who wants to go back on what it was like to have such a great young crop of shortstops hit the league at once. Something we may never see again.

But still….this photo SI? Really?


Creepy SI ShortStop Photo from 1997