Baseball has historically been known as the epitome of American society and tradition. But the problem with baseball and other sports  is they don’t have a way for the visually impaired to participate.

Until now.

Beep Baseball is a sport that has revolutionized the game of baseball for the visually impaired and blind.

While keeping the same fundamentals of the sport intact, The Long Island Bombers “hold rigorous practices, instructional clinics, play exhibition and competitive games against sighted and other visually impaired teams using a baseball that beeps.”

The way it works is when a batter steps to the plate, he or she waits for the baseball to beep and uses their heightened sense of hearing to swing the bat at the ball. If contact is made, the runner can either go left (what would be third base) or right (1st place) towards the sound of a beeping base.

The players in the field also wait to hear for the beeping baseball in order to try to get the runner out.  The pitcher in the field pitches for both teams as it’s his job to make sure the ball is thrown where the batter can attempt to hit it—creating equal footing for both teams.

To say this story is an inspiration would be an understatement. I was crying my eyes out while watching this video because it never even crossed my mind that the visually impaired would be barred from playing sports.

But these people fought back against the stereotypes and are now enjoying a competitive sport that’s also an American tradition with other people who share in their same struggles while simultaneously creating a loving community they all can be a part of.

Watch the video below. I promise it will be the best thing you’ve seen all week.