If I told you a year ago, Blake Bortles would out-play Tom Brady in an AFC Championship rematch you would assume I was on some really good drugs. But I’m not! And Blake did! We recap his stellar performance and preview Blaine Gabbert making his return trip to Duval on this week’s show. 

WELL WELL WELL how the mighty do fall.

As much as a September game can be revenge of an afc championship game, that was the case last Sunday in Jacksonville as Blake Bortles lit up the Patriots defense and outplayed one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady.

The Jaguars came away from the home opener with a 2-0 record so we got a chance to dive into the game atmosphere, what this win means for the rest of the season and if Donna, the Patriots fan, was cheering on two squads in her last show before she gives birth.

We get into alllllllll this plus talk about Blaine Gabbert making his return to Jacksonville….wearing a damn Titans jersey and we ask the question if Patriots fans are insecure???

Let’s get to it…..

Blythe is a sports and entertainment broadcaster based in Jacksonville, Florida. When she’s not pumping out marketing how-to’s on Brumleve Brands, she’s covering sports and culture in the North Florida market and beyond.


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