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The History of the NFL’s Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF) was established in 1963 in the city of the sport’s birth, Canton, Ohio. Players are voted into the Hall of Fame by a 44-person selection committee mostly consisting mostly of sportswriters. While team executives and owners can be...

What Each Position on an NFL Defense Does

DEFENSIVE END (DE): A defensive player who lines up at either end of the defensive line. The job of the defensive end is to contain the running back on running plays to the outside, and rush the quarterback on passing plays. DEFENSIVE TACKLE (DT): A defensive player...

What Each Guy on Offense Does

QUARTERBACK (QB) The player who receives the ball from the center at the start of each play before either handing (or tossing) it to the running back, throwing it to a receiver, or running with it himself. The quarterback is usually the player in charge of running the...

NFL Football Field 101

  Yard markers: Little white markings on the field help the players, officials and fans keep track of the ball and how close the offense is to scoring. End zone: It’s an additional 10 yards on each end of the field and probably, the most important part as this is...

The 10 Best NFL Players from 2010-2012

In order to name the best active players from the last three years, there had to be some parameters put in place. First and foremost, anyone who missed all or a good part of 2010, 2011 or 2012 for injury or other reasons was basically ineligible. For that reason, a...

NFL Fourth-Down Strategies

If a team fails to gain the required yardage on third down, several things could happen on fourth down: A team can elect to “go for it” on fourth down and try to pick up the remaining yardage, but they run the risk of turning the ball over to the other team if they do...

North Florida’s White Oak Conservation is a hidden gem for endangered animals

Hidden away on the border of Florida and Georgia lies 7,400 acres of a wildlife conservatory and conference center that many North Florida residents have no idea exits.

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with NHL

Hockey is quickly rising on the list of the most popular sports. The NHL season is split into the regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs. Since the teams are playing 82 games per season, the fans are guaranteed to enjoy several months of action-packed games that will...

Who You Calling Scruffy-Looking: Han Solo Cosplay Instructions

Han Solo is one of the most iconic characters played by one of the most iconic actors—of all time. With a unique look and even more difficult swagger to portray, research and familiarity are key to living up to this cosplay.

What’s next for GuysGirl?

The brand ‘GuysGirl’ was born a decade ago. But after some recent career decisions, I was left in a tough spot of what to do with the future of a blog that lead to a work from home career. I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go, but I also want to hear from you on the changes I have coming up.

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