Now that the Harry Potter generation is well within drinking age, we’re starting to see more adult themed when it comes to the childhood classic. One adult theme I can hop on board with are these Harry Potter shots.

Created by Graphic Nerdity, these are the first set of Harry Potter themed shots and cocktails that have puns built right into their name that only true fans could grasp. But as the creator admits, some of these shots taste terrible:

These drinks are not for beginners. By that I mean only experienced Harry Potter fans will appreciate the puns that went into making them. Full disclosure, a couple of them are awful. I’ll let you figure out which ones. Better yet, serve them to your friends and let them decide!

As someone who watched Harry Potter for the first time only a year ago, I welcome any and all cultural aspects of this fandom that I can take part in. Especially if it involves alcohol.

Check out all of the Harry Potter themed shots below…