For most female sports fans, you’re well aware that attending sporting events requires being outside in the elements for long periods of time. And when you are outside for a while, your hair tends to turn into a hot mess if you aren’t brushing it every 15 minutes.

Which is why the braid can be the best friend you never thought you needed.

Scouring the pages of Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed several types of hair braids that aren’t the traditional braids you grew up with.

There’s the fishtail, waterfall, braid pony tail wrap, angel braid and countless others to name.

The majority of these braids all have one goal in mind, to keep your hair untangled, stress free and out of your face for an extended period of time. Perfect for a sports fan attending a game!

So if you’re interested in learning how to do these braids, check out the list of videos found that explain pretty easily how to achieve these looks…


How to do a variety of side braids, french twist, angel braid and braid wrap pony tail.


Fishtail Braid


Side French Braid Bun


Celeb French Braid Bun


Quick Everyday Braided Look