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The battle of the cartoon sitcom dads has begun. We want to know who is the best.

Who’s the funniest?

Who’s the coolest?

Who’s the best parent? The best husband?

We’ve got our list down to 6 contenders. Check out our dads and vote for your favorite in the poll below!

1. Homer Simpson

homer simpson, el homo, cartoon, tv

He’s the quintessential 90’s cartoon papa bear.

An international household name, Homer Simpson has the longest running show of all the dads on our list. The Simpsons still airs new episodes.

He’s probably the one you’re most familiar with as well.

“D’oh!”, “Mmm, donuts, (drooool)”, and “Why you little! /chokes Bart” are all parts of Homer’s lasting memory that exists in us all.


2. Peter Griffin

peter griffin, family guy, tv, cartoon

Peter Griffin is not only one of the funniest characters in history, his brand of humor may have changed comedy entirely.

I know that’s a lot to put on his shoulders, but when Family Guy first aired, it wasn’t received too well. It was different.

After it’s small following became gigantic, Family Guy was brought back on air and hasn’t missed a beat since.

Peter can make an audience laugh at almost anything. From punching his daughter to fighting a chicken, it’s no longer about the joke itself, but how it’s presented.

If Peter doesn’t make you laugh, then I’m sorry, you may have the condition.

 3.  Hank Hill

king of the hill, cartoon, tv, hank hill

Hank Hill sells propane and propane accessories.

I could just leave it at that. It would be befitting of him, seeing as that’s how he would most likely describe himself.

Hank has a box. He stays in that box. His humor comes from the language of that box.


Drinking beer with his pals and mowing the lawn is his idea of fun. Following all the rules is his idea of life.

His idea of parenting; “Bobby, if you weren’t my son, I’d hug you.” Gotta love it.


4.  Randy Marsh

randy marsh, south park, cartoon ,tv

This guy.

Randy Marsh is the only dad on our list who isn’t the main character of his show. He’s not even in the top 4 characters of South Park.

But that’s just a technicality. Don’t let it fool you, Randy is drop dead hilarious. He didn’t even start off that way either. His character has seen some major fine tuning.

If you’ve seen him with a handheld camcorder, smoke medicinal weed, or looking for the internet, then you’ll know why I have him as my favorite to win this battle of the cartoon sitcom dads.

I give all the props to the creators of South Park. They really found the ultimate way to use Randy Marsh. And my god, it’s good.


5. Stan Smith

stan smith, american dad, tv, cartoon

Stan Smith strikes me as the kind of character that could have been so much better if it wasn’t for American Dad being in the shadow of Family Guy.

He has the tools. And he always seems to use those tools to make a bad situation worse.

Every episode, or at least every other episode of American dad may revolve around Stan messing something up and then realizing how much of a douche he had been the whole time.

His relationship with Steve, his son, is far from that of Hank and Bobby’s. His marriage with his wife probably shouldn’t still be intact.

Yes, it may seem as if Stan Smith is here by default. But I know there are some American Dad diehards out there.



6. Bob Belcher

bobs burgers, tv, cartoon, bob belcher

Bob’s the new guy. You may not have even known his last name is Belcher, but that’s alright. He’s the wildcard of this playoff.

He’s sarcastic, but a good husband and dad. His voice actor is ultra talented. His supporting cast for the show is A+.

Bob’s Burgers is more similar to The Simpsons than any other dad’s show on our list. By that, I mean that there’s more substance to the plot and less reliance on joke after joke.

He needs time to grow on me, but I like what I’ve seen so far. Watching his show leaves wanting more and that’s a good thing.

That wraps up the list. I feel good about these dads. I know each one of them is someone’s favorite.

And yes, it saddened me to exclude Mr. Flintstone and Mr. Jetson.

But this is 2014. Those guys are grandpas.

So let the world know which cartoon sitcom dad you prefer to be labeled the best.