For many newlyweds, the plan immediately following the wedding is to grab a drink and a quick bite to eat. But for this woman, she decided to do both of these things along with her husband while wearing her wedding dress AND attending a Minnesota Wild hockey game.

Caught by the in-game cameras, Erica and Blake capped off their wedding day festivities by enjoying a good beer while Erica, still in her full wedding dress, scarfs down a burger. Yup. She wore a wedding dress at a hockey game.

The cutest moment of the video is when she spills a little bit on her chin and the new husband offers up the assist without smudging her wedding day makeup. That right there, is a keeper and probably why she married him.

Would also like to point out that the couple appears to be at the game by themselves. Which if you’ve ever attended a wedding before, you know the bride and groom spend most of their time talking with other people. But by taking this route, the couple enjoys some quiet time together with a burger, beer and some live hockey action.

Relationship goals AF.


via Erica Skuta’s Instagram