girls run onto feild CWS

Some people have dreams of running onto a field while a sporting event is going on. Few have the mindset to record the entire thing and take a selfie just as she’s getting caught, like this girl.

Three sisters were attending the College World Series when they decided to live Tweet their intentions to run onto the field.

From FoxSports:

“Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill and Torrie Hill, all from Omaha, Neb., followed through with their promise, taking off for the field during the sixth inning of UCLA’s 8-0 title-clinching win over Mississippi State.”

Kayleigh is the one you can see on the Vine video as she was getting tackled but what you don’t see is her two sisters following her onto the field. Two of the sisters were detained while the other one was a minor and released. They both face a $1500 fine but are reportedly getting donations to help cover the cost.


Hit the jump to see a Gif of the entire thing on camera. Her smile the entire time she’s running onto the field is amazing….

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