A darling hat. A cute dress. Soon to be a drunken mess.

That headline is the one of the reasons why so many love the Kentucky Derby. It’s an excuse to dress up, drink mint juleps, bet on horses and hopefully come away with your dignity.

To get you ready for the first Saturday in May, we’ve assembled everything you’ll need for one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

30+ hat ideas for you last minute planners:


It’s not a Derby party without a Mint Julep, but you gotta know how to properly make one:


You have your hat and you have your drink. Now it’s time to get a dress:


You’re all decked out with a hat, dress and a Mint Julep, now it’s time to win some cash by learning the Derby betting terms:


BUT you should also know your history of America’s longest running sport:


And one last thing…

Sporting events can mean to much to families. And the Derby is that to my family. This year, one of the members of my family who loved the Kentucky Derby the most won’t be here because he passed away late last summer.

Here’s hoping we can keep his traditions alive.