Super Bowl studs, duds and a couple of really great organizations like Rethreaded all in our recap show live from Dream Finders Homes.

Visiting with Rethreaded

The ladies of Helmets and Heels were asked to visit a North Florida organization called Rethreaded and it was one of those ‘change your entire mindset forever’ type of experiences.

You may remember we had a big debate on a previous show about the Louisville sex scandal in which I didn’t think it was a big deal.

“So what if a bunch of college kids have strippers coming to a private party? They’re in college! And they’re athletes! What do you expect?!”

Just a few months and one Rethreaded visit later and I realize I was living in ignorance.

From GGM:

Rethreaded is an organization that aims to break the cycle of the sex trade industry which includes women in pornography, prostitution and strip clubs. The sex trade industry as a whole earns more than $32 billion annually and most of those funds are made off women who have suffered from drug addiction and/or sexual trauma at a young age. Kristin Keen, founder of Rethreaded, told us 75-95 percent of women first get into the sex trade industry because of drug addition and it causes a vicious cycle where women become addicted and when they’re forced into withdrawals, they’re willing to do anything to earn income to afford more drugs and it usually results in work within the sex trade industry.

I was so struck by the visit that I returned just a few days later and I wrote about the experience over on our parent site. In this situation, ignorance was not bliss and I now know the background on an industry that I thought was harmless fun. But what’s even better are the future opportunities to work with Rethreaded on helping to spread their mission.

Twitter Poll of the Week

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11:50 Did you agree with how Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement?
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32:11 Studs and Duds
40:18 Andy Stenson, VP of Marketing for Peterbrooke Chocolate joins the show
50:16 Our visit with Rethreaded
01:04:23 Talking with Dave Herrell, City of Jacksonville’s Sports & Entertainment Officer, about the 2016 USA Curling National Championships
01:22:24 The results of our bet where Lauren tries to plead the weakest case ever and I don’t blame her one bit.