As if we’d talk about anything else. IT’S SUPER BOWL 50 WEEK! And we’re talking food, watch parties and the game along with out usual studs/duds and ohhh…Johnny Manziel….again.


Since you guys seem to love the polls we put out during the show, here was the latest one where we discuss Calvin Johnson’s retirement and the increase of players under the age of 30 retiring from the NFL. We asked if the NFL should be worried about this and everyone seems to be split down the middle about this.

Cue Danny Kannell’s WAR ON FOOTBALL debate! But to listen to a more civilized debate, check out our discussion on the topic around the 56-minute mark.


Intro– The mess that is Johnny Manziel’s career. And Tim Tebow’s muscles.
13:34– SUPER BOWL BABYYYYY. Recipes. Rings. Wings. Game Preview and are watch parties overrated?
27:55– Studs of the Week
38:12– Duds of the Week
50:34– Pro Bowl- Did you watch it or avoid it? Here’s my experience when I attended the Pro Bowl in Miami.
56:44– Calvin Johnson retires from the NFL. Should the NFL be worried?
01:07:09– NFL’s first-ever Women’s Summit and our Super Bowl predictions THAT DECIDES OUR BET!