Unless you’re a reporter trying to get a quote for a story, you probably think Steph Curry’s daughter Riley must-see TV.

(In fact, if you don’t, get off our lawn. She’s f*cking amazing.)

When Curry’s Golden State Warriors clinched a birth into the NBA Finals with a 4-1 series win over the Houston Rockets, he once again brought his two-year-old daughter Riley on stage.

And her antics did not disappoint.

This isn’t Riley’s first time at a presser. Her previous appearances have drawn the ire of reporters citing she’s distracting for those trying to do their job. During a recent episode of Helmets and Heels, we discussed the pros and cons of allowing star players to bring their children to press conferences. I asked H&H co-host and Jaguars reporter Amanda Borges if having a child at a presser is really a distraction or just a bunch of white noise:

Blythe: “From my understanding, interviewing players in the locker room is really where you get the good quotes because immediately following a game is when they’re the most emotional. At a press conference, the player has had time to calm down and prepare answers well in advance. Based on your experience, is that true?”

Amanda: “Big time players like Steph Curry usually aren’t available to media in the locker room because there’s so much demand for them. So teams will usually set up one large press conference for star players. I see both sides because she [Riley] is adorable and makes for a great story. But at the same time, you have a job to do and explaining to your editor that you couldn’t get a quote for your story because a kid is running around won’t fly.”

That’s all good and well. But I doubt we’d be talking about any of these press conferences if not for the antics of this adorable little girl.

As payback, Steph should show these videos to her friends as soon as Riley hits the age of 13.


Featured image via Uproxx-Twitter