The Redsox have honored Derek Jeter and Mo Rivera in the past. Now the Yankees will do the same with David Ortiz. But should sports teams honor an arch rival EVER?

In one of our more engaging polls put out on Twitter, fans were very strong in their opinion of when teams should honor an arch rival. As a Redsox fan, I have zero issues with honoring a well-respected player like Derek Jeter when his career is coming to an end. But I’m not sure how that could translate to another sport like football; which I think many fans who voted “Hell No” in our poll are probably imagining. But if you listen to our debate, you might change your mind.

Also on the show we have our usual Jaguars chatter, Studs and Duds, Patriots TabletGate and so much more.

PLUS: An update on our NFL Playoff Picks bet. Guess who won. Now it’s a three-way tie for who has to wear the gear from their arch rival during the show after the Super Bowl. Yikes.


INTRO- If the Jags promoted their DC from within, why didn’t they just hire him from the start?
11:42- The Patriots TabletGate during the AFC Championship Game
21:23- After we watch playoff football, do we feel worse or better for the Jags outlook next season?
28:00- Studs of the Week
38:18- Duds of the Week
44:58- Male referee asks out female soccer player during a match. Fair or foul?
53:42- Should your team ever support a player from an arch rival?
01:01:59- Should golfers be forced to wear pants over shorts?
01:08:15- Which professional athlete doesn’t wear underwear?