‘Tis the season to give and receive! As we all rush to find the perfect gifts for all the people in our lives, many find themselves making impulse purchases for friends and family they end up regretting almost immediately, fearing that the recipient will hate it. Don’t subject your fellow female sports fans and athletes to a poorly planned gift this year!

To help ease your shopping pains, we’ve put together a little list of some great sports related gifts for fans of all types.

For the lady who’s a football fan and loves some good jams, consider the NFL Elegant iDock Speaker. This iPod dock comes decked out with her favorite NFL team logo on it. It’s the perfect stylish gift for any girl who’s just as likely to watch Sports Center as she is to crank up her iPod and relax.

If she’s a NASCAR fan she’s also likely to be a fan of the trailblazing Danica Patrick. While it’s likely she’ll never reach the top speeds that Patrick does on the track, she can channel her with these magnetic #10 decals for her car, similar to the logo on Patrick’s own race car.

For those who like to wear their team on their sleeve, or wrist, or hanging from their ears, Fanatics has dozens of options. From NBA charm bracelets to NFL earrings, the site offers a wide range of fantastic jewelry to wear during the season. It’s really the perfect gift for the female fan who shuns those shapeless jerseys and other cliched women’s sports apparel but still wants to show her team some love on game day.

One of the coolest gifts that the female hockey fan (or really any hockey fan) in your life could get is the Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker. It not only serves as a functional kitchen appliance, but when not in use its lid is designed to make it appear exactly like a miniature Stanley Cup. Nothing goes better with an intense matchup than a big bowl of popcorn, except perhaps having a popcorn maker that can double as a mantlepiece.

Women who are into sports will love the book Throw Like A Girl written by an Olympic gold medalist and one of the most famous softball players in America: Jennie Finch. The book doesn’t require readers to even be fans of softball to love it, as it covers a variety of topics and issues facing all girls. She tackles topics like the social benefits of sports, body image, feminism, and, perhaps most importantly, the fact that all women should be in control of their own destiny. It’s fantastic for that teenage niece or cousin who’s just getting into sports and could use some encouragement to stay true to herself and her passions, instead of caving to peer pressure.

If she’s really a slave to the screen come Sunday’s during the football season, DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket is a perfect choice for her. The package not only includes major NFL games in HD but also every out of market game every Sunday of the season. If she’s out of the house during a particularly important match she can even stream games to her smartphone or tablet.

Maybe she’s more into baseball than softball, and if that’s the case some official Fenway Park grass is a really unique gift to give. Scotts Lawn makes this one of a kind product. Who wouldn’t want official major league baseball grass in their front and back yards? Plus, she’ll have bragging rights all spring and summer over her fantastic looking lawn. To make it even better, this sweet gift is much cheaper than actually buying a ticket for a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Given the frigid weather that comes this time of year more and more people will be reaching for their trusty boots to brave the elements and, most importantly, keep them warm. The NFL official store has dozens of options for boots ranging from sequined slip ons to stiletto ankle boots and rain boots, all emblazoned with your favorite team’s logo. Whether she’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, or one who isn’t afraid teeter on some serious heels, there’s bound to be a boot style for her there (and maybe a pair for yourself too!)

Of course, there are hundreds of other options out there for the sports fanatics in your life, but with the clock ticking, who has time to scour all the stores and online shops?