In this week’s Helmets and Heels podcast, the girls passionately debated if Serena Williams deserved SI’s “SportsPerson Of the Year” award.

And when I say “debate” I mean Donna and I arguing while Amanda and Lauren cautiously look on.

While I love Donna, I felt her argument against Serena was weak at best. Serena plays in one of the most popular global sports and has earned 21 Grand Slam Titles, amassing career earnings of more than $74-million dollars. Not only is she a leader on the court but Serena is a trailblazer off the court by fighting for equal pay for female tennis players as well as running her own suite of businesses and fighting for social causes like #BlackLivesMatter.

Donna’s argument was the “Person of the Year” title should go to someone’s accomplishment within the calendar year and if you factor that in, it should have gone to the Women’s National Soccer Team or golfer Jordan Spieth.

I see her point, but Sports Illustrated is making an editorial decision by picking Serena because of the career she’s amassed over a lifetime. And she’s not done yet. Coming off an injured season where she ended just one win shy of Steffi Graf’s career Grand Slam singles record, some predict Serena could win half a dozen more titles in the coming years. Did I mention she’s 34 years old?

The Women’s National Soccer Team weren’t going to get the nod because they were recently featured in several special-edition Sports Illustrated issues just a few months back after winning the World Cup. And Jordan Spieth was a nice story for 2015 and I’m sure he’ll be nominated at some point for SI’s coveted award. But he’s going to need to keep winning like Serena has for the past 10-years.

I mean, just watch this story about Serena and see if you think SI made a bad decision:

And if that didn’t seal it for you, here’s Serena accepting her award:

/drops mic

While many can be deserving of such a title as SportsPerson of the Year, Serena far and away deserved the honor this year.

Listen to the heated debate below….


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