This little girl who also happens to be a huge Seattle Seahawks fan excitedly opened a Thomas Rawls jersey as her Christmas present has gotten national attention.

Seattle Seahawks rookie running back Thomas Rawls surprised one of his biggest fans after an Instagram video surfaced of her getting his jersey for Christmas.

Now, we know how knowledgeable the little girls of Seattle Seahawks are but the excitement shown in this video is enough to bring anyone to tears.

Kim Anderson, mom to Sophie said in her video, “She’s loved watching Rawls since his first preseason game.”

When the video took off, it made it’s way back to Rawls who invited Sophie and her family to the Seahawks practice facility where both the player and his fan got emotional with the visit.

To see a little girl so excited to wear your jersey must have been a surreal experience for the rookie running back. And it’s an even better moment when he could share with her an inside look at the team’s facility many fans don’t get to see.

Good on the rookie for making a great impression on a little girl who will remember this for the rest of her life.


Featured image via Kim Anderson