Most movie fans are familiar with the biggest franchises in fantasy films—Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Star Wars. But what happens when the villains of each franchise meets in the afterlife?

Comic Steve Ogden of Braincast explained how he came up with the likely conversation of Sauron, Emperor Palpatine and Lord Voldemort:

This crazy comic sprung from a Twitter conversation I was having with Scott King. He said he was considering writing an essay, the events of Star Wars as seen from Emperor Palpatine’s point of view. I said it would be a terrible idea, but really funny, to have a conversation in the afterlife between two dead bad guys, sort of swapping horror stories about how badly everything went for them at the hands of the Good Guys. Scott admitted it was both terrible and funny, and why don’t I go write it then. So I did, and here you have it. Oh, and it was Scott who suggested the third bad guy who shows up at the end.

Sauron-Palpatine-Voldemort Comic