Who knew college kids loved AutoZone so much?

With so much negative attention surrounding the college football bowl game system lately, it looks like it completely missed these guys. Critics saying that a majority of bowl games aren’t important might think twice once they see this ecstatic group of largely-sized athletes.

I strongly doubt these guys were that excited for a trip to Memphis… but, hey, maybe they just really love Beale Street (I mean, who doesn’t?). Or maybe someone had just told them about their Kevin Durant backpacks.

And despite that pretty much every analyst has Mississippi State taking down Rice without any problem, I can’t help but cheer for the Owls come New Year’s Eve. And I have a feeling that now you will, too.

Tune into ESPN on New Year’s Eve (4 pm EST) to watch the AutoZone Liberty Bowl and see if that amount of adrenaline carries over into the big game.


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