Washington Nationals baseball fans have had it with fans doing “the wave” at games. And they have flyers to prove it.

A few friends got sick of visitors attempting to do the wave at games so they went as far as to make a website and flyers given out to anyone seen attempting to get the wave started.

Based off the comments on the flyer, many fans and players would tend to agree.

Sure, the wave is cool to watch for 30-seconds when it actually gets going but have you ever had to sit near a guy being THE guy to attempt to get it started?

It’s incredibly annoying.  And when you’re sitting down trying to watch a game and you have some guy screaming in your ear to help him get it started, it makes you ponder how cool it would be to Sam Fisher choke him out.

What do you guys think about this? Do you like the wave or will you have a happy dance when it’s finally buried from the lack of support?

stop the wave

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