Welcome to another addition to our where we feature all the die hard female fans that support their team through 162 games, hot weather, heated rivalries and good old fashioned baseball traditions.

During the series we will feature women for every franchise and their stories on how they became a baseball fan, who their hated rivals are, what their favorite food at the ballpark etc etc… Ladies simply answer a few questions on why they fell in love with the great game of baseball and we get to share in someone else’s baseball traditions that could be the same as our own.

Today, we have a Texas Rangers fan in Erica Bennett. Erica is an avid sports fan  but started out getting her love for baseball while watching her brothers play Little League. She has a passion for every aspect of the game from the rivalry with the Yankees and Angels to the smells of peanuts and hot dogs at the park.

Read more to check out Erica’s interview on how she became a life-long baseball fan…

Erica Bennett

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Favorite Team: Texas Rangers
Twitter: @ericabennett

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GuysGirl: How long have you been a baseball fan?

Since the second grade when I first started going to Rangers games. My family had season tickets– so me, my parents and older brother basically lived at Arlington Stadium.


Where did your initial love for baseball come from?

Watching my older brother play on his Little League team. My dad was one of the coaches, so I would often pal around to the games, holding towels, or doing whatever I could to help out.

I went on to play softball at age 9, and continued through high school. I limped to my senior prom, thanks to a deep knee bruise I sustained in a game just days before. It’s in my blood.


What is single most thing you look forward to while at a baseball game?

Believe it or not, I enjoy the sounds and smells of the game. I love the crack of the bat, the walk up songs, and the cheers after a big play.

The smell of the field, peanuts, hot dogs and beer transforms me to another place.

There’s nothing like it.


What is your favorite food at the ball park?

When I was in elementary school, it was Lemon Chills. Remember those? They were so refreshing on a hot, summer night in Texas. Now, I go for the pizza or bratwursts.


What is your favorite MLB tradition?

I actually have two. First, is the walk off home run. There’s nothing more exciting than a tied game, ending with a rocket into the stands. Last season, Nelson Cruz had a number of these… especially in the playoffs. It united Rangers fans everywhere, and got us pumped for the next game.

The second, is the “pie in the face” during a post-game interview. Usually, the player who’s had a great game will talk to the media, and explain plays, mindset, etc. Out of nowhere, a teammate runs up and pies him in the face on live TV! Maybe I get a kick out of this because I’m a journalist. 🙂


What team do you hate the most?

Tough, but I’m going to have to go with the Angels. They’ve been a heated division rival for the Rangers… especially the last few seasons.

Going down the stretch, that series is one of the biggest and most important. Now, that they have C.J. Wilson, I’m even more bitter.


Which team has the worst fans?

Probably the Yankees, because of how cocky and prideful they are. The Rangers play them several times a year, and each time, it’s a battle. As a Texan, we’d like to think the state is the best thing smoking… New Yorkers feel the same way about their city.

Two seasons ago when the Rangers battled the Yankees for the AL Championship, I heard TONS of trash talk from my friends up there. When the Yanks would win a game, I’d wake up to a snapshot of a front page paper… jabbing at Texas and its alleged country ways.

Luckily, we got the last laugh.


What is your favorite memory at a baseball game or about baseball in general?

I have quite a few, but the biggest is probably the Rangers 1993 season.

Those were the days of Pudge Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro and Juan Gonzalez. It was beautiful baseball. I was also there for Nolan Ryan’s last game, and fight against Robin Ventura. Classic.


Could you ever date someone who was an avid fan of your hated rival?

I could, but I’d talk trash during the game! Have to be willing to compromise, right? 🙂


When people ask “How can you watch baseball? It’s so boring!”, what do you say to them?

I tell them they must be nuts. Baseball is exciting. It’s passionate. It’s America’s pastime, for goodness sake. It’s one of the few sports where players can go until age 40.

There’s nothing like being at the ballpark on a summer night, and rocking a fresh cap.

For those on the fence, I tell them to sit down and really watch a whole game. I find out, most people change their mind once they do that.


Big thanks to Erica for answering our questions on the back-story of being a baseball fan. We all have a certain way we fell in love with the game and this is just one story of many more to come.