While most of us know that Valentines Day is a commercial holiday, it doesn’t stop the singles in the world from feeling like they should have someone around.

And what could possibly be better than looking at the incredible bodies of those famous Super Heroes we know and love?

Absolutely nothing.

I won’t waste your time any longer; Grab your wine, throw on Sex and the City reruns and gaze at the wonderful bodies you get to see soon on the big screen….

Hugh Jackman- Wolverine and Xmen

Hugh Jackman


Christian Bale- Batman

no valentine article

Ryan Reynolds- Dead Pool and Green Lantern

no valentine atricle

Robert Downey Jr – Iron Man

ScreenHunter_23 Mar. 21 19.19

Chris Evans – Human Torch (Fantastic Four) and Captain America

ScreenHunter_26 Mar. 21 19.28

ScreenHunter_25 Mar. 21 19.24


Chris Hemsworth- Thor

ScreenHunter_27 Mar. 21 19.33

Brandon Routh – Superman

ScreenHunter_28 Mar. 21 19.37