Lolo Jones is the track star that didn’t medal who’s been quite busy trying to land her a man. Problem is, she’s going about it ALL WRONG.

Like, completely wrong. To the point where home girl looks desperate and thirsty…

On Wednesday, she posted a video to Vine showing the route she’s taking to try and land a date with Michael Phelps.


Hmmm. Considering Phelps is both literally and figuratively swimming in the P-word, I doubt he wants to mess with a chick who posts this up as a requirement for a first date…


lolo jones is crazy


And in case that wasn’t enough to convince you of her crazy factor…


lolo jones is crazy


Bomani Jones, sportscaster for ESPN and SB Nation pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as Lolo Jones is concerned.

And after this video, she blocked him on Twitter.


After seeing all that, how many of you still think she’s a virgin? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?