For those who live outside of Jacksonville, Florida, it’s difficult to explain how a mascot retiring is cause to weep as if they’re going through a bad breakup.

*raises hand*

But that’s exactly what happened to many around the 904 when Curtis Dvorak announced his retirement as Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson De Ville after 19 years as the one and only mascot for the Jaguars.

Since the Jaguars debut, Jaxson De Ville has performed at over 200 games and more than 7,000 appearances. He did more for the franchise in 19 years than most of the players who ever took the field. During the dark ages of blackouts, Tim Tebow rumors, and a change of ownership, he remained the constant entertainment you know would put a smile on your face.

To many of us who’ve been the first generation to grow up with the Jaguars, Jaxson De Ville was arguably the reason you recognized the team and became a fan. Now that we’re old enough to have our own season tickets, imagining a season without him is quite difficult.

Though the Jaguars have said they’re looking for a replacement with no plans to retire the character, one thing is for certain: he or she better have the ability to make people of all ages laugh and have a sincere dedication for the fans because they are a fan.

Finally to the fans, what can I say? YOU made Jaxson who he is. Your laughter, applause, cheers and support are things I am certain a doctor would classify as an addiction for me.  I would not have lasted 19 seasons without you.  YOU are what made this decision the toughest, but knowing that I’ll get to CIRCLE UP at the Slab, sit in the stands and get rowdy on game days makes this a “sweetsweet” moment in my life!  

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